The good news: the demand for sustainable products on the rise as more people become aware of our current environmental crisis. Woot!

The bad new? Brands are increasingly marketing themselves with terms like “green” and “conscious,” to appear eco-friendly without putting in the time, effort and expense to actually operate as such. This is called greenwashing

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From Kristine: HALF WAY THROUGH 2019

“I’m not where I thought I’d be.”

Familiar with this little b? I'm well-acquainted. It first crossed my mind the September after college. Everyone was either at work or back in school, and I was alone in a Starbucks filling out more job applications (this time to retail positions because the design jobs seemed to be DOA). At the time, I could quickly shrug it off. Fresh out of school and only 22, I was just beginning and had plenty of time to get where I want to go.

These days, though, it’s not as easy…

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"I must be flying a kite in the rain because this just got electric." ~Will Truman

You know me, I love to spill the tea. I also love Will & Grace (just had to make that official). Regardless of how much planning is done beforehand, there are always last minute hiccups going into a photoshoot. The super-Bravo fan in me loves the drama, but my Type-A personality can’t stand it. Either way though, it’s a part of the process and leads to the happiest accidents. Let’s dish...

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Consciously Considered: 5 WAYS TO GET SUSTAINABLE FOR $0

Whether you're building a sustainable closet or an ecofriendly brand, it's a journey of commitment and improving things as you go. If you wait until you’ve figured out how to be "perfectly" sustainable to start, you legit might be waiting forever. So instead, just begin right now with the budget and resources you have. Here are 5 simple, but impactful steps you can take today to get your sustainable journey going at no extra cost….

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2019 keeps serving change and I'm just trying to keep up. Look out Frasier Crane because the cats and I are coming! That’s right. In just a few weeks, DECLARATIVE is moving to Seattle!

It’s been mixed-emotion city over here. I'm excited for Seattle’s strong sweater weather, but it's hard to say goodbye to Augusta. I've seen the Garden City bloom before my eyes over the past few years and in that time, it‘s become my home…

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Consciously Considered: “MAKE IT LAST” KNITWEAR CARE

Choosing natural fibers over synthetics. Prioritizing quality, slow fashion over quantity, fast fashion. These are great ways to have a more sustainable closet, but I get it. At the end of the day, your budget is your budget. And these factors aside, making our clothes last is a way we can all be more sustainable in 2019. To help keep your knits in tip-top shape and extend their life, here’s an overview of Knitwear Care…

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It's 2019 baby, and I can't think of a better way to kick off the new year than by sharing this next chapter of RESPONSIVE TEXTILES with you: “I would stand and look out over the roofs of Paris and think, 'Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now. All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.'" ~Ernest Hemingway

I came across this quote at 1 AM back in April, and the idea of a “one true sentence” immediately resonated. The whole quote resonated…

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