"I must be flying a kite in the rain because this just got electric." ~Will Truman

You know me. I love Will & Grace, and I love to spill the tea. Regardless of planning, there are always last minute hiccups going into a photoshoot and our SS19 Lookbook shoot was no exception. The super-Bravo fan in me loves the drama, but my Type-A personality can’t stand it. Either way though, it’s a part of the process and leads to the happiest accidents. Let’s dish. Here are 5 fun facts behind the SS19 Campaign shoot:


The model slaying the Essential Lace Tee is actually my cousin! Four days before the shoot, there was a last minute scheduling issue with one of our models, and we needed a replacement. I was literally in a thrift shop, speed-DMing strangers when Ingrid graciously offered to step in and basically saved the day. This is also her first time modeling btw… Yeah, she’s amazing!


Daniela Brown, the photographer on this project, is someone I know from Augusta, GA. We met two years ago at a Tuesday Together meeting, and worked together on my Not One More passion project last year. Although she’s now based in Austin TX, she was coming to Seattle for a 3-day trip and fit this project into her plans. So world: regardless of where you are, if you want to work with Daniela, hit her up!


This was the first time I wasn’t on set for a Declarative shoot (and it was def a moment of personal growth for my type-A personality). The shoot was originally planned for a Monday, but had to be rescheduled to Sunday because of venue restrictions. Unfortunately though, I already had a commitment out of town that day. So ready or not, this anxious mama had to leave the shoot in the hands of her wonderful team. By the way, that out of town commitment was rock climbing in the mountains… so yeah, it’s fair to say that I was out of my comfort-zone on a few fronts that day. But despite the anxiety and lack of cell reception, it was totally worth it. This team did an amazing job, and I survived my mountain adventure.


The yarns used in the beauty looks are the same yarns used to make the knitwear pieces. Lindsey Schlatter, the makeup artist on this project, had the brilliant idea of incorporating the material into the beauty look itself, and I’m so glad she did! I can’t think of anything more fitting considering our tactile production process.


This sounds super sketch, but it’s not. It just speaks to how crazy our schedules were on the week of this shoot. Since I was leaving for my rock climbing trek at an ungodly hour, I needed to hand over the wardrobe to Daniela and Lindsey in advance. Unfortunately though, the week of this shoot was stupid busy for all of us. I had three friends in town and was practically sprinting from activity to activity. Daniela’s trip was so short that she and Lindsey were also totally booked. So after a lot of back and forth, Lindsey and I legit ended up meeting in the cell phone parking of the airport (S/O SeaTac!) to make the wardrobe exchange. #doitforfashion

Whether planning a photoshoot, an event or anything really, things will pop up and you’ll have to handle fires as they come. Even though I haven’t mastered the “go-with-the-flow” mentality yet, I do believe that as long as you do your best to be prepared and work with people you believe in, the results will be magic. Click below to see for yourself and let me know what you think! xKristine of Declarative