Kristine Rodriguez is a cat mama of two and a chai latte enthusiast. She is also the founder, designer and knitter of DECLARATIVE... phew, a lot of hats! Every DECLARATIVE piece is handcrafted by her out of her Augusta, GA studio. Your garment's entire creation happens here: from knitting its panels and seaming them together to sewing in its tags and packaging it for shipment.

Slow Fashion:
Quality over Quantity

Well-crafted knits are investment pieces because they are build to last. With quality materials and polished design, DECLARATIVE's garments are timeless and are designed to serve you season after season. All pieces are made-to-order as handknitting is a laborious and time-consuming process. This also ensures that we do not accrue excess inventory and wasted materials.

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose

We honor materials and let little go to waste. Because DECLARATIVE is a full-fashioned knitwear line, every panel is created to the exact shape and size needed. This means that there are minimal wasted materials in our manufacturing process. Only small amounts of yarn are discarded in the making of our pieces, what is called "waste yarn." It aids in the casting on and off process. However, this yarn can be recycled many times, for many garments before it get so warn that it needs to be discarded. In addition, any yarn used in failed garments and patterns are reclaimed: unraveled, re-spun onto spools and saved for future use. 

Bringing the Human back into fashion

Beginning with spools of yarn and her hand-powered knitting machine, Kristine meticulously builds the fabric and silhouette of each garment one row at a time. Creating garments this way is a completely manual process and an engaged one at that. Each row of a garment is a push of the carriage. Every color change is a manual threading process. Each eyelet, slope and texture is an individual stitch manipulation. Kristine needs to watch over how the fabric is coming out, while the keeping track of when shaping, color changes and other textiles manipulations need to occur. Let's just say, handknitting keeps the arm muscles toned, the brain sharp and the fingers nimble. Every DECLARATIVE garment is the product of human concentration, physical energy and time. You cannot help be feel the labor, love and human spirit that went into these pieces.

Our Yarns 

DECLARATIVE is produced with quality yarns of either natural or regenerated-natural fibers. Our natural fibers include cotton, wool, bamboo, mohair, silk and blends of these fibers. The only regenerated natural fiber we use is tencel, which is a man-made fiber with natural origins. It is a more sustainable version of rayon because uses only one chemical in its manufacturing process, which is a non-toxic solvent that is almost 100 percent recycled and reused. We mainly source yarn from mills in the United States, Canada, Uruguay and South Africa. However, we also source yarn from Peru and Italy.

Carbon Footprint:
Shipping details

We sell directly to our customers, which has two benefits. First, it keeps our prices down. With no middleman between you and us, we can sell our handmade knits at wholesale cost. And secondly, this keeping our shipping to a minimum, which reduces our carbon footprint. Our knits ship in 100% Recycled, Compostable Paper Mailers with 100% Recycled Paper Products (tags and thank you card). And we offer a packaging option at check out, so customers can chose to skip the protective plastic sleeve and use paper tissue instead.

Optimal sustainability and transparency is our ultimate destination. Right now, we are on our way, working hard towards this goal. If there is anything more you want to know about our process, pricing or materials, please just ask! Contact the studio here.