I just placed an order, but I need to cancel/adjust it. What do I do?  
No problem! Send us an email at and we'll fix it. Unfortunately, if your order has already shipped, you will need to do a return. You can look at our return instructions here. Feel free to still send us an email, and we'll get it sorted out.

I placed my order a while ago and haven't received a shipping confirmation email yet. When is it going to ship? 
Send us an email and we'll let you know where your order is in the queue! Your order should ship within the timeline listed on the product page when you ordered (typically 2-4 weeks).

I really want to order something, but I need it for an event in 10 days and your lead time says it's going to take longer than that. Is there a way I can ensure I get this garment in time?  Email us, and we'll let you know what we can do. We will try our hardest to get your garment to you by the time you need it, but sometimes it won't be possible.

Do you do custom orders? 
Yes! Since every custom request varies, please reach out to tell us more about what you have in mind!

Do you knit pieces in custom colors?  
You bet! Since each DECLARATIVE knit is made-to-order, picking out a custom color for your piece is no biggie! After all, our knits are investment pieces. They need to be a perfect fit for you and your wardrobe. Here's the low down:

  • If you switch a color for another we already carry in that same yarn, there‘s no additional cost. So, to use the FW18 Collection as an example, you can get the Librarian Cardi in Hazelnut, the Fisherman Sweater in Garnet Red, the Essential Tee in any of the Nip Slip colors, etc, and the price is the same.

  • For colors we don't currently carry? (Say a Forest Green, Sky Blue and beyond) Picking a custom color is still easy and only requires an additional $15 fee to cover sourcing and shipping your dream color to the studio.

  • Note these prices only apply to switching colors of the same kind of yarn. If you are interested in switching yarns (for example: from cotton to wool), reach out to tell us more about what you have in mind.

Ready to go custom with color? It's as simple as contacting me to get the process started!


Which shipping carrier do you use?  
All orders are shipped via USPS Priority. 

How long does your shipping take? Can I rush ship an order?  Most orders will arrive at your doorstep about 3 days after you receive a shipping confirmation email from us. If you need to rush ship something or need a garment by a certain date, please contact us before placing your order.

Do you ship outside the US?  
Sadly, not right now, but we are working on that.

Returns & Exchanges

What is your return policy?  
Each DECLARATIVE piece is handmade to order just for you, so we want to make sure you are completely in love with your purchase. Returns are accepted for full refund or store credit (excluding shipping) for up to 14 days after delivery is received, unworn, unwashed & unharmed. DECLARATIVE reserves the right to decline a refund if items are damaged or held for longer than 14 days after delivery.

I need to make a return/exchange. What do I do? 
Email to request a return/exchange before sending anything. Take a look at our Return Policy for full instructions.

How long does it take to process returns? 
You can expect us to process your return 1-3 days after we receive the returned merchandise.

What if my return/exchange is late? 
If your return is postmarked 14 days after the original order was received, we cannot offer you a refund, but will instead offer you store credit in the full amount of your purchase. We do not accept any returns more than 14 days after an order is received and will reship anything we receive back to you.

Do I have to pay return shipping? 
Nope! Email to request a return, and we will send you a label for your return package. Please track your return package as RESPONSIVE TEXTILES is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Take a look at our Return Policy for full instructions.

Fit & Sizing

Help! I don't know what size to get! 
No worries! There are three things you can do:
1-   Check out our Size Guide for detailed sizing and measurement info.
2-  Check the "Flat Measurements" section on the garment's product page to see any additional size information, such as whether a style runs small or large.
3-  Send us an email with your sizing questions/concerns. We are happy to help you find the right size!

I really want to try this piece on before I buy it. Is there somewhere I can do that?
Unfortunately, we don't have any brick-and-mortar locations where you can try on garments. However, to mitigate the risk of buying things without trying them first, we do offer free returns.

I checked our your Size Guide and fall outside of your size chart. Is there a way I can get one of your garments custom made to my measurements?
Yes! Whether you fall outside of the size charge or land in between sizes and what to customize my pice, we can do custom sizing to your measurements. Please note however, that there is an additional "custom measurements fee" applied to your order for this service. Please email us for more information.


What's the best way to care for my knits?
Check out our Garment Care Guide for detailed instructions on how to maintain your knits (as well as the rest of your wardrobe).

Sooo... what would happen if I put my DECLARATIVE knits in the washing machine/dryer rather than wash it by hand?
It depends on the fiber content of the garment you're laundering. If you put a silk or wool garment in the washer/dryer, bad things could happen... hellooo shrinking! If a cotton or linen garment ends up in the washer/dryer, it will likely be okay assuming it was put in a garment bag with delicate detergent and cold water. But for some knits, especially those with lacework, the wear of the washing and drying cycles could permanently damage your knits. You DECLARATIVE knits are investment pieces and we do not recommended anything other than handwashing your knits.

Some Other Details

You call yourself a sustainable knitwear brand. Can you tell me more about your process? 
Absolutely! Visit here to learn about our measures towards slow, sustainable and ethical fashion.

Are you really doing everything from your Augusta, GA studio?
Yep! From our studio, we design, pattern, grade, knit the fabric, and seam every garment on our site. We also prepare and ship every order. Our process may not be quick (heyoo slow fashion), but our craftsmanship is impeccable and our process is very eco-conscious. 

Unanswered Questions?

Send an email to with any question. We are happy to answer!