2019 keeps serving change and I'm just trying to keep up. Look out Frasier Crane because the cats and I are coming! That’s right. In just a few weeks, DECLARATIVE is moving to Seattle!

It’s been mixed-emotion city over here. I'm excited for Seattle’s strong sweater weather, but it's hard to say goodbye to Augusta. I've seen the Garden City bloom before my eyes over the past few years and in that time, it‘s become my home.

However, I’ve always wanted to live in many places before ultimately planting. So after 3 sweet-tea years (btw, how has it been 3 years already??), it's time to continue my journey and explore a new corner of the country. And yes, in keeping with Kristine-tradition, I'm again moving x-country to a place I've never visited before. Gotta keep it Bravo.

With the up-coming move, I'm packing up the studio and Marie Kondo-ing my life. During this transition, you‘ll still be able to order online. Just note that new orders won't be filled until we get the studio set up again in early March.

Between now and then, stay tuned for my Augusta farewell tour (as well as the cats experiencing air travel). I can’t describe how grateful I am for the community I’ve found in this city and how much I’m going to miss it.

x Kristine of DECLARATIVE