From Kristine: A BIG CHANGE


Last week, I shared RSPNSV's story and the growth that's happened over our six collections. For one, I'm no longer a graphic designer trying to be a knitter. For another, "responsive textiles" has since become an industry term for smart fabrics. (no jk) Now for my news, which you may want to sit down for. After considering all of these changes, I've decided it's time for our brand name to evolve as well. Yes, girl. RESPONSIVE TEXTILES is rebranding under a new name.

It's sad, but honestly I felt it coming for a while. I first heard "responsive textiles" used to describe smart fabrics in 2015. Since then, I've seen this sector of fashion grow and start to cause confusion with people expecting us to make smart performance-wear rather than thoughtful knits. (As you can imagine, it's been problematic.)

I've put off this transition because, like my hometown hairdresser, RESPONSIVE and I have been through a lot together! But because of industry and brand developments, "RESPONSIVE TEXTILES" is sadly not properly representing us anymore, and it's time to reassess.

As a fan of things coming full circle, this new chapter of RESPONSIVE will be launching JANUARY 1, 2019.
- What does this mean? Our name, website, social media handles and email are changing.
- To what? Stay tuned for Jan 1 (sign up to get all of the deets delivered straight to your inbox)
- What's staying the same? Basically everything else. The FW18 Collection will still be available, acting as a bridge between these two chapters. However, if you want to purchase anything with the RESPONSIVE logo, you have until Jan 1 to do so.

Not going to lie. This is crazy bittersweet. For months, I've been prepping for this but now that it's here, I suddenly don't feel ready. Despite these mixed emotions though, I'm excited for this new chapter and to be working under a name that will better represent who we are now. Thank you for being on this journey with me. Regardless of this change, let's be real. Team RSPNSV in our hearts forever! See you in the 2019!

xKristine of RESPONSIVE