What the F is that?!? Well ladies and gents, take a close look and behold. That crazy collection of yarns and drop stitches is the first swatch I ever created on a knitting machine. It is my beginning. An ugly beginning on a path that would quickly become a passion and eventually turn into a career. I found it today while decluttering the studio, and it was wonderful to see this baby again. This swatch was born in the winter of 2012 at my friend Leah's house on her knitting machine. She generously took the afternoon to give me a little introduction to the machine because I had been itching to learn and had yet to get into the class (which I would finally get into that next semester/my final semester of RISD). 

This swatch has its imperfections (and there are many). However, this little monster is a much needed reminder that beginnings can be messy, even ugly. They often are. Whether learning a new musical instrument, trying a new sport or starting a new job, there will be a learning curve and sometimes that curve is steep. So here is a little shout out to all of my fellow dreamers out there pursuing an avenue of interest for the first time. Do not be too hard on yourself. You may not have a knack at something in the beginning, but that does not mean it won't develop with time and practice. Although it is easy to talk yourself out of pushing through those awkward early stages of a craft, be kind to yourself. If you enjoy something in your heart, I promise it is worth the effort. Out of ugly beginnings and passion comes magic. This swatch and my journey is evidence of that. So keep at it dreamers, embrace the awkward start of something new and try your best in the moment. Through the struggle and time, you are going to get there! Happy Monday!