From Kristine: PRICE CHANGES


A core value RESPONSIVE TEXTILES and I both share is transparency. With that said, I have an announcement to make, and it’s one you may want to sit down for. Come June 8th, your favorite pieces will experience a shift in pricing. 

The main reason: I've actually started tracking my hours of work (not just for knitting each garment, but also packaging, size grading and material sourcing - to name a few), and it turns out that there's a lot of time I hadn't been accounting for in our current prices. This is because the studio has grown since it started; offering more sizes, sourcing materials more thoroughly and spending the time to design the highest quality knits possible. So it's time to raise our prices to match the actual amount of time and effort that goes into every RESPONSIVE piece.

In the spirit of not spring things on anyone, the increased prices will take effect on June 8th, giving you plenty of time to shop your favorites at their current price. So if you've been courting any knits for a while, the time is now.