Our Collaborators: ASTRID VON WINTER, Model

Although RESPONSIVE TEXTILES is a one-woman operation, it still takes a village. Photoshoots, runway shows and the like require me to collaborate with others, whose talents truly bring the work to the finish line. With this in mind, I want to introduce you to the beautiful souls, who work tirelessly on RSPNSV projects. They are kings and queens of their craft, and (let's be real) as much a part of Team RESPONSIVE TEXTILES as I am. 

This week, meet Astrid Von Winter: a talented model, who recently collaborated in our "We are Woman" Project (as featured in the latest edition of Maker's Magazine). Pulling from her ability to empathize and feel, she brings unparalleled vulnerability and strength when she steps in front of the camera. 

Photographer: Molly von Kley /  www.mvkphoto.com

Photographer: Molly von Kley / www.mvkphoto.com

Where are you from?   Atlanta, GA.

What is your spirit animal?   I don’t really know. I want to say either a cat or a whale, so maybe a seal because it’s kind of both.

Do you have a favorite quote right now or words you like to live by?   I always remind myself, “To know even one life has breathed easier because you lived. This is to have succeeded.” It’s a quote I’ve lived by for a decade now.

How long have you been a model? What is your origin story into that work?   About 3 years. I really got started professionally over a year ago. I first started modeling for a friend and his friends after I had dyed my hair blue. Then I found a love for it that motivated me to model more.  After my last break up, I was able to throw myself completely into modeling and it became the love of my life.

What has been the biggest challenge in your career to-date, and how have you navigated through it?   Every challenge has been such a blessing. Every time I am struggling, I learn how to be a stronger person. The hardest challenge for me when it comes to modeling is battling the stigmas of modeling I was taught to believe. Culturally, models are perceived as vapid and anti-feminist. I still struggle with my friends and family looking down at what I do. I remind myself what about modeling makes me happy, and when I am working, I don’t have to remind myself. The concepts and minds I meet keep me inspired no matter my insecurities.

Do you have a favorite type of shoot to model in?   I hate to pick favorites. Genuinely I love it all, but lately I’ve had a craving for shooting underwater especially now that I’ve gotten my own mermaid tail. Another favorite has been working for the causes I believe in.

RSPNSV TXTLS is founded on the belief that clothes are your second skin, and they should be as unique and human as you are. What are three qualities/fun-facts that describe you?
1.  Complete wanderer. I’ve wanted to settle into an idea of my true self and who I want to be, but I keep changing my mind. 
2.  I’m moody as a person. I seem to feel just about everything going on in my life. Modeling has been a great way for me to channel those feelings into something useful.
3.  I’m looking forward to graduating undergrad in December with a major in cognitive science. I forget how perfect this major is for me until I start talking about it.

What/who is currently inspiring you?   My friends always inspire me, but I’ve also been incredibly inspired by mythological goddesses and nymphs. They typically are independent and strong women with a passion for the lives they live. The name Astrid means “divinely, beautiful warrior.” I use that to guide my art and work ethics. As much as I love the support of my friends and others, I need to be able to find strength within myself.

If you could own any piece of artwork, what would it be?   I honestly dislike the idea of owning any piece of art.

The SS17 collection was inspired by these little (at-the-time seemingly insignificant) moments of sunshine from childhood that we hold on to through the years (for example, the afternoon light in your childhood bedroom, the texture of your grandma’s table cloth). Do you mind sharing one of these moments, which you have carried with you?   I don’t remember too much about my childhood. I remember having a lot of depression and anxiety growing up. I think one of my happiest memories is of the crayons in my mother’s purse for entertaining my brother and me.

What is one modeling tip you could give someone, like me, who totally forgets to do with their body when the camera is facing them?   Modeling is the chance to get to be someone you’ve always wanted to be, even if that means getting to be yourself. Despite your best judgment, remember that being in front of a camera is a safe and accepting environment.

Want more Astrid Von Winter in your life?  See the amazing breath of her work and follow her journey.
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