Our Collaborators: JOANSIE ROSE, MUA

Although RESPONSIVE TEXTILES is a one-woman operation, it still takes a village. Teamwork makes the dream work! Photoshoots, runway shows, makers markets. All of these projects require me to collaborate with others, whose talents truly bring us to the finish line. With this in mind, I want to start introducing you to the unique and beautiful souls, who work tirelessly behind-the-scenes at RSPNSV photoshoots, runway shows and beyond. Let's be real. These individuals are not only kings and queens of their craft, but also as much a part of Team RESPONSIVE TEXTILES as I am. 

We are kicking things off with the one and only Brandy Louise Daye, better known as Joansie Rose! She was the first makeup artist I met when I arrived in Georgia. The stars aligned, and fate brought us together... or maybe it was a friend, of a friend, of another friend. Regardless of how, I am grateful our paths crossed. To date, she has contributed her amazing MUA skills and incredible energy towards two RSPNSV photoshoots: the FW16 Lookbook Shoot and the "We are Woman" Project (which is coming soon!)


Where are you from?   I am from Greensboro, NC. Lived there my entire life until just two years ago, when life brought me to sunny Georgia.

What is your spirit animal?   Makeup duh…..just kidding, a unicorn or a mermaid. Okay, okay, a panda. Pandas a known for their gentle strength, peace, and calm determination. 

How long have you been a makeup artist? What is your origin story into that work?   I have been a MUA for about 9 years now, a good MUA maybe 5 years. I am still learning new techniques, tips and tricks each and every day. It’s so funny how I became interested in makeup. In my middle and high school days I wasn't wearing any makeup. I literally kept chapstick in my pocket everyday just in case I needed it. One day in psychology class in college I saw a girl, who I did not know. She had way too many eyeshadow colors on, but I happened to like whatever she was trying to do with those colors. I asked her “what is that on your eyes?” She explained everything to me in detail, we became best friends, and I have never turned my back on makeup since. I was her Maid of Honor in her wedding just last year, but she wouldn’t allow me to do the makeup because she said I needed to tend to her the entire day. Thank you Jasmine for introducing me to makeup.

What has been the biggest challenge in your career to-date, and how have you navigated through it?   My biggest challenge in my career to date is meeting clients that have insecurities. More than just a temporary flaw such as a pimple. Clients that have vitiligo, burn victims, and/or extremely fair or dark skin. Especially when the client is younger because kids are cruel. How I navigate through it is letting my clients know that makeup is here to enhance beauty, not create beauty. If a client has opened up to me about an insecurity,  I tell them how unique and beautiful they are. Seeing the smile on their face is the reward once I’ve completed a look.


RSPNSV TXTLS is founded on the belief that clothes are your second skin, and they should be as unique and human as you are. What are three qualities/fun-facts that describe you?
1.  One day I would like to own and care for three blonde horses, their names will be Sadie, Gigi, and Biscuit. Maybe I’ll start with just one horse. 
2.  I’m a cryer. Most movies with any happy or sad ending will make me cry. It’s pretty ridiculous.
3.  I love gift giving!! I will be shopping and find myself with a cart full of things for other people. Sometimes I gift them, other times I just cannot afford to buy gifts for friends. 

What/who is currently inspiring you?   Anything related to the arts inspires me. I love murals on buildings, but currently a makeup artist by the name of Tessa Rideau based out of Atlanta has really inspired me lately.

If you could own any piece of artwork, what would it be?   Anything that my daughter has painted or drawn. She’s really good. 

Do you have a favorite quote right now or words you like to live by?  "The sun doesn’t have to shine in order to have a good day." -Joansie Rose

What does a typical weekday morning look like for you?   It doesn’t look like the back of my eyelids. Let me preface by saying that I have a 7 year old daughter (Farrah), 15 month old son (Deuce), and a Yorkshire Terrier (Beemer). My typical weekday morning involves lots of snoozing, trying to get Farrah to take the dog out and fill his food/water bowls, trying to keep Deuce away from the dog’s food bowls, and me waving the bus down because Farrah forgot her lunchbox. Once Farrah is off to school, the craziness slows down and the morning is mostly listening to tunes and planning for the day and rest of the week. 

Photo Credit: Jeannine  Steinkuhl

Photo Credit: Jeannine Steinkuhl

The SS17 collection was inspired by these little (at-the-time seemingly insignificant) moments of sunshine from childhood that we hold on to through the years (for example, the afternoon light in your childhood bedroom, the texture of your grandma’s table cloth). Do you mind sharing one of these moments, which you have carried with you?   My work may not be directly inspired from these moments, but these moments make up my entire being, so there’s some correlation. I remember my mama’s (paternal grandmother) mauve colored carpet throughout the house-not just one bedroom, she also had pink colored toilet paper in the bathroom (yes, you read that right). Every time I use mauve and pink tones while working, I think of my mama. 

Can you share a favorite beauty tip for women (like me), who are in a rush to get ready in the morning? What is a small thing we can do when getting ready to up our beauty game in a big way for the day?   If I’m in a rush in the morning, the one thing that I will do to up my beauty game is play up my eyes. Neutral colors on the lid, purple or blue liner or shadow on the lower lash line, heavy mascara on top and bottom lashes, a little concealer under the eyes to hide those bags and TAME the brows if needed. 

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