2019 keeps serving change and I'm just trying to keep up. Look out Frasier Crane because the cats and I are coming! That’s right. In just a few weeks, DECLARATIVE is moving to Seattle!

It’s been mixed-emotion city over here. I'm excited for Seattle’s strong sweater weather, but it's hard to say goodbye to Augusta. I've seen the Garden City bloom before my eyes over the past few years and in that time, it‘s become my home.

However, I’ve always wanted to live in many places before ultimately planting. So after 3 sweet-tea years (btw, how has it been 3 years already??), it's time to continue my journey and explore a new corner of the country. And yes, in keeping with Kristine-tradition, I'm again moving x-country to a place I've never visited before. Gotta keep it Bravo.

With the up-coming move, I'm packing up the studio and Marie Kondo-ing my life. During this transition, you‘ll still be able to order online. Just note that new orders won't be filled until we get the studio set up again in early March.

Between now and then, stay tuned for my Augusta farewell tour (as well as the cats experiencing air travel). I can’t describe how grateful I am for the community I’ve found in this city and how much I’m going to miss it.

x Kristine of DECLARATIVE



Fiber Content. Construction. Seams. Dyeing. A lot goes into a sweater, which dictates its performance and price point. As a designer, these factors create the fine line I walk in my design process between quality and cost. As a shopper, it means better understanding what you're looking at in stores and empowering you to make the best choice for your budget and lifestyle.

So in collaboration with Teen Vogue’s Sammie Scott, I stepped out of my comfort zone and in front of the camera (phew!) to break things down for you, as we played a game: Cheap vs Expensive…

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It is February 22nd, and the past few days have felt like spring. In Augusta, GA, flowers are in bloom. Yesterday, people in Maine were wearing T-shirts, and Central Park reported 76 degrees. Sure, it's nice when it's "nice out." However, I find this pretty alarming. Our climate is warming up.

I lived in the Northeast until I was 22 (first in NJ and then in RI). During that time, I never experienced a February day that boasted 70 degrees. Yesterday, some of these places hit the 80s. In fact, it was the hottest February day ever recorded in Newark, NJ...

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It is official. The holiday season is here! This is a magical time of year with something extra warm and fuzzy in the air: Merriment, cozy vibes, season's greetings and (for RSPNSV TXTLS' studio) I am also referring to pom-poms! Along with the annual release of limited edition scarves, RESPONSIVE TEXTILES is launching a small line handmade pom-poms this holiday season. I have carefully crafted each with beautiful wool and mohair yarns. Like little snowflakes of fiber, no two are exactly the same. More importantly, they have been designed as small gestures in support of shopping small and shopping consciously this holiday season...

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June arrives with some exciting news! With the Spring/Summer 2017 Collection in the works, I have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund RESPONSIVE TEXTILES' entry into New York Fashion Week! The collection is sketched out and the yarn has been ordered. I have gone through the application process, and RSPNSV TXTLS has been invited to show at FTL MODA's NYFW! I could not be more excited by this amazing opportunity to show at the heart of America's fashion industry: NYC! In order to participate, RSPNSV needs your support in our journey...

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